Ronan Sherlock

7 Mar by sadmin

Fantastic, Enjoyable & Inspiring…. These are the words I would use to best describe Sean’s teaching approach and the Speak for Success International speaking course… In my role as a Financial Planning Consultant, I present to individual clients on a daily basis and also regularly to large groups. In an effort to continue progressing in my career, I am always trying to improve my influencing, leadership, engagement and presentation skills. I have completed several presentation skills courses over the years and took some very worthwhile learnings from them. I genuinely thought I had learned as much as I could on the key areas of presenting and engaging an audience or team. However, when I met Sean he demonstrated within 30 seconds how much more scope for development I had. I decided to start the ‘Speak for Success International’ presentation skills course and immediately began to see great improvement in how I structured speeches and engaged audiences/clients. Sean and Speak for Success International helped me become much more efficient when speaking to groups while also helping me to correctly portray more enthusiasm at every opportunity. I can say without a doubt Sean has helped me greatly and continues to do so with his unique, enthusiastic and brilliant teaching approach.