Public Speaking & Work/Sales Presentations

Course Overview

This Course is designed to help people learn how to plan, prepare and deliver Influential Keynote Speeches and Dynamic Presentations

Are you uncomfortable or nervous when speaking at events or delivering Important Presentations in the workplace and elsewhere ? Nowadays, presentations are delivered on line and face to face.

In either forum it is crucial to deliver your message with conviction, authority and confidence. This is ultra-important if you are competing with other businesses. This highly rated SpeakersTrainingCamp® Workshop, will provide you with every aspect required to deliver memorable presentations every time.

Sales Presentation

Become a more confident, engaging and influential Sales Presenter

I can help you increase the Persuasiveness and Impact of your next Sales Presentations.

Selling products or services in a competitive environment is challenging.

How then, can the Sales Presenter gain an advantage over their competitors?

A Terrific Sales Presentation will give you an edge.

Sales Presentations are similar in a number of ways to Presentations delivered at events, conferences, network groups, and to any organisation, be it a multinational or SME.

When the Sales Presenter gets the opportunity to present to a group of interested personnel whether it is to a small group of 2, 3, 10 or a larger group, the skills required in each case are the same.



Companies now are hoping to find their competitive edge through Improved Sales Presentation delivery

What The Course Covers

Whether it is an on Line or face to face public speaking event or a work presentation our training courses are designed to help you. There are some differences that are important that we will cover but in both scenarios you will cover the following:

3 Core Principles
You will learn the 3 Core principles when delivering presentations and public speaking events.
The 7 Steps
There are “ 7 STEPS” to be very aware of and a compilation of these Steps will enhance your Presentations and your Speaking opportunities greatly.
Voice projection is actually one of the most powerful presentation skills to learn. A large majority of Presenters and Public Speakers find it challenging to project their voice. You will learn the skills on how to effectively project your voice when delivering presentations and speaking in any public forum.
Audio Visuals
You will be given the skills on how to use audio visuals competently.
Radio & TV
You will learn the Skills required when Speaking on Radio and Television.
The Top 10 Terrible Turn Offs
You will learn the Top 10 terrible turn offs when delivering presentations and public speaking events.
Perception in every area is important, particularly in your Appearance by way of how you dress in each situation. You will learn the aspects of dressing appropriately and be mindful of the “Power Colours” you should adhere to, to create the correct impression.
The vast majority of Presenters/Public Speakers have various degrees of Nervousness when Speaking. You will learn the “14 Steps” on how to reduce Anxiety and Ban the Butterflies.
Power Point
Research has proven beyond doubt that 95% of Power Point Presentations are Terrible. Power Point is a great tool when used in the right way. You will learn the “10 TIPS” to ensure you are not the same as most Presenters and Public Speakers.
Online Presentations
On Line Presentations usually carry the same emphasis as in Person Presentations. With On Line Presentations you will learn "9 Musts" that are crucial for an impressive Presentation or a Keynote speech.
Structuring Presentations of any type and Speaking in any Public Forum requires the 9 ASPECTS of proper Structure in order to keep your audience engaged all the time.
Body Language
Despite what a large majority of people think, a Presenter must be very well aware of the (checklist = 8) that relates to Body Language. Body Language is often a forgotten element when presenting. You will learn the Importance of positive Body Language in every forum.
Non Verbal Skills
Non-verbal communication is communicating without words and is vital when speaking in public.
Presenters and Speakers often become defensive when asked questions as a result of your Speaking Engagements. Questions can often add clarification to your message. However, there is sometimes challenging questions. You will learn how to deal with the “4 TYPES”.
Webinars & Podcasts
As with ALL Presentations, WEBINARS / PODCASTS are no different and therefore, it is essential that the WEBINARS / PODCASTS are delivered impressively. You will learn the Skills required so as your audience will take positives from your message.