Event Speaker & Facilitator

I am an Event/Conference Speaker/ and Facilitator.

I have great experience in Communication Skills and have trained CEOs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and Individuals in the Corporate world, SMEs and Sole Traders in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills via the Highly Rated SpeakersTrainingCamp® Workshops.

I founded the Company – Speak for Success International in 2009 and I am a member of Toastmasters International since 2000 and continue to be a member.

My previous work experience was in Engineering Machinery Sales field which was a very competitive industry.

I started in the Engineering Industry in London (UK) and after 5 years returned to Dublin as an Area Manager, then Sales Manager and finally as Sales Director.

My sales experience was gained in supplying high value Engineering Machinery to Multinationals and SMEs.

My 23 year’s experience in Public Speaking, delivering Presentations, facilitating Events/Conferences, has given me enormous satisfaction whether Face / Face or OnLine

To be asked to be a Speaker/Facilitator at Events/Conferences/Functions, is a great honour for me, particularly, in the Public Speaking/Presentation Skills area of development.

I derive great satisfaction to be able to give the audience tips on how to be a
Memorable /Impactful Speaker/Presenter and the ability to facilitate any meeting

I have spoken and facilitated to large groups at Events/Conferences, Face/Face, in Croke Park, Dublin, R.D.S. Dublin, University Concert Hall Limerick and to a host of International Audiences on Line.