Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches - Skills Training

Whether you are a Best Man, Bride, Groom, Father or Mother of the Bride and Groom or others, you will want to deliver a Powerful Speech, which you will enjoy viewing the Video of your Speech well into the future.

I have, as founder of Speak For Success International, trained Numerous Wedding Speech participants to deliver Terrific Wedding Speeches with Confidence, Enthusiasm and Humour.

There are Numerous aspects to Wedding Speeches which I will coach you in, some of which are outlined hereunder.

Nervousness & Anxiety

I will prepare you to be Calm, but excited, to deliver your Memorable Wedding Speech. 

Deep breathing is essential to help reduce Tummy Butterflies. I will show you how to do it. It will benefit you greatly. 

Everyone delivering a Speech will be a little nervous and that is the ideal frame of mind , as it will help your mind to be sharp and in control.

Your Speech must have :

  • INTRODUCTION – There are 3 Parts
  • BODY – 3 – 5 Main Points (Maximum)
  • CONCLUSION – There are 3 Parts

Audience Analysis

This seems so simple. However, find out as much as you can about the Audience.

You will have considerable knowledge of the attendees, nevertheless, the more you know about them the better. You can then adjust your Speech accordingly. To be safe, I suggest, you avoid subjects, Religion, Politics and Sex.


Enthusiasm is always No 1 when delivering a Wedding Speech. As there are many elements to Enthusiasm, I will show you how to be that Enthusiastic Speaker.

Body Language

Body Language is essential in everyday conversations. Each person in the conversation can determine, usually, what each person is thinking and feeling. A Wedding Speech is no different. Natural Body Language will further help to engage your audience.

Structure & Organisation

Every Speech should have your thoughts and ideas organised in a very simple way so as the audience can follow it easily..
Remember, your audience does not know what you have in your head.


Research shows that 85% of people love Humour, therefore, you need to adhere to the majority of the audience.
Most of us are not comedians, so simple stories, examples and happenings that occurred, are often a great cause of laughter.
“Laughter is mankind’s greatest Blessing”
It is important that the Humour is synonymous with your personality, otherwise, it will appear fake

Facilities & Equipment

Check out the Wedding Venue and practise your Speech there in order to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. This will help you to relax.

Microphone preference and how to use it is crucial, as a lot of Wedding Speeches cannot be heard clearly by the audience.

Voice Projection

I advise Speakers regularly, that your Voice is a great marketing tool. You must have Voice Projection/Inflection, to engage your audience every time.

Speaking Rate, Pronunciation / Pauses

When delivering your Wedding Speech you must be very aware the idea of speaking which includes Wedding Speeches is –

  • Correct Speaking Rate – Do not speak too quickly
  • Pronounce each word accurately and particularly – “ings” at the end of words. Do not clip sentences.
  • PAUSES – Pauses are Powerful for audience engagement. Most people will not pause as they are too nervous to be “SILENT” for a few seconds.  A pause is a unique “Attention Grabber”.