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About Sean Dwan

I founded Speak for Success International in 2009 having trained in the U.S.A. as a SpeakersTrainingCamp® Certified Instructor in Public Speaking, Presentations, Wedding Speeches and Interview Skills Training.

Whether, it is a Workplace Presentation, a Sales Presentation or any situation where you are asked to deliver a Presentation with Conviction, Authority and Confidence. I will train you to be the Presenter that people will want to invite you back.

“The Confidence that comes from Speaking in front of groups is magical. It permeates our Whole Being”
George Yen

Most People think Content is Everything...

One of the first things I tell all my prospective clients is, 7% is words (content), 38% is voice projection, 55% is body language. Although content is important, delivery is crucial. With the correct tools you can be terrific Public Keynote Speaker and Powerful Presenter.

Every Person has Strengths & Weaknesses

Every Person has Strengths & Weaknesses, Sean will enhance your strengths and remedy your weaknesses, making you a confident enthusiastic speaker and Presenter.

Sean is the Solution to your Challenge

Many people have said to me " I will be the worst person that has ever come to you for training" Sean believes that every single person has skills and talents that they don know they possess. Sean Dwan will identify these and will enable you to display them confidently.

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15 Mar 2023 | Presentation


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