7 Steps to Preparing Powerful Presentations

21 Feb by Speak For Success International

This post outlines 7 STEPS to PREPARING Powerful Presentations ,Speaking at Events and Conferences

1. Create a Mind Map

See my post on “Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking” for tips on how to prepare a Mind Map.

2. Audience Analysis

When you are delivering any presentation it is imperative to know your audience. Find out as much as you can about them – number of People, Gender, Age Range, Educational Level, Interests, Occupations.

3. Facilities & Equipment

Check Seating Arrangement, Lighting, Audio Visual Equipment, Microphone Preference, Refreshments.

4. Decide what your Objectives are

Decide what your Message to the Audience will be.

5. Prepare the Body of the Presentation

Prepare the body of your Speech or Presentation. 3 to 5 Main Points is enough.

6. Prepare the Introduction

7. Prepare the Conclusion

These 7 STEPS are imperative if you want to deliver a memorable Speech/Presentation whether it is for a work or family event. For more information on how to effectively prepare powerful presentations you can contact Sean Dwan.

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