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25 Apr by Speak For Success International

Top Accreditation for Tipperary Man’s Company

Top Accreditation For Tipperary Man’s Company A Tipperary Man who set up a business 13 years ago teaching Individuals and Company Representatives on how to improve their Presentation Skills has been awarded a Top Class Accreditation in recognition of his work.  Sean Dwan is Managing Director of SPEAK FOR SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL, a company that aims […]

4 Mar by Speak For Success International

Presentations & Public Speaking

Presentations & Public Speaking Skills We talk a lot about marketing tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others.  They all serve a purpose by way of, promoting your business. These tools have been very relevant during the Covid 19 pandemic and will be in the future. However, I am convinced that “Your Voice” is […]

17 Jan by Speak For Success International

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

When you are asked to deliver a Presentation or to Speak in Public, a lot of people become anxious. This BLOG will help you overcome the fear! You often hear – “You must Prepare” – I say: “PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE!” In order to prepare properly, a terrific method is to do a “MIND MAP”. Usually […]

27 Jul by Speak For Success International

Tips To Improve Online Communication

Face to Face Meetings are always the BEST communication method.  Why? You can judge body language, eye contact and emotional feedback. Now that we are dealing with the COVID 19 Virus, online communication is essential to keep in contact with our colleagues and friends. Online Communication by way of ZOOM and other platforms, can be […]

30 Apr by Speak For Success International

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

When delivering presentations or speaking in public at meetings, events, conferences or any social gatherings, it is important to never underestimate the power of nonverbal communication and positive body language.When I first meet clients, I will always tell them 3 simple figures to remember when they are thinking about public speaking. I am by no […]

21 Feb by Speak For Success International

7 Steps to Preparing Powerful Presentations

This post outlines 7 STEPS to PREPARING Powerful Presentations ,Speaking at Events and Conferences 1. Create a Mind Map See my post on “Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking” for tips on how to prepare a Mind Map. 2. Audience Analysis When you are delivering any presentation it is imperative to know your audience. Find out as much as […]

12 Nov by Speak For Success International

Overcoming Work Presentation Anxiety

The majority of people who contact me – tell me that they are very anxious, nervous and as a result, opt out of delivering Presentations in their workplace.  What a pity that is ! I tell them this is normal.  There are a number of ways to reduce this fear.  One important method of reducing […]

25 Aug by Speak For Success International

Tips for Making a great Wedding Speech

Writing a wedding speech can be one of the most daunting roles you can be tasked with. Whether you’re the father of the bride, best man, bridesmaid, bride or groom, it can be nerve wracking! I have compiled a brief list of do’s and dont’s to help keep you on the right track.If speaking a […]

15 Aug by Speak For Success International

Interview Skills – Tips to Improve Performance

When attending for Interviews  –  find out as much as you can about the business/organisation that you are attending for the Interview. Try to find someone who knows the company and personnel that already works for the company. Check out the company through an internet search and make a note of things you feel the […]