Presentations & Public Speaking

4 Mar by Speak For Success International

Presentations & Public Speaking Skills

We talk a lot about marketing tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and others.  They all serve a purpose by way of, promoting your business. These tools have been very relevant during the Covid 19 pandemic and will be in the future.

However, I am convinced that “Your Voice” is the greatest marketing tool of all.  This is essential whether you are delivering Presentations on Line or particularly, in Face to Face situations.

In my experience, most people when given the opportunity to deliver Presentations or Speak in Public when promoting their business or delivering a message, do not project their Voice sufficiently and this then, leads to disinterest in their audience.

It is an opportunity lost !

How to Engage Your Audience

Remember, when delivering Presentations or Speaking in Public your voice is your greatest marketing tool.

  • Monotone voices are boring! Your voice must be Loud without shouting.
  • You need to use Inflection which is raising and lowering your voice to emphasise certain words and sentences.
  • Voice clarity is also crucial. Pronounce each word fully and avoid mumbling.
  • Slow down you rate of speaking, as this will help your audience to understand your message. Delivering a clear message is why you are speaking.

To Sum Up

Remember-“ Great leaders must be powerful communicators.”

I can help you to be be that great communicator. I can show you.!

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