Top Accreditation for Tipperary Man’s Company

25 Apr by Speak For Success International

Top Accreditation For Tipperary Man’s Company

A Tipperary Man who set up a business 13 years ago teaching Individuals and Company Representatives on how to improve their Presentation Skills has been awarded a Top Class Accreditation in recognition of his work. 

Sean Dwan is Managing Director of SPEAK FOR SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL, a company that aims to inspire confidence and remove the anxiety from Presentations, Public Speaking and Interview Skills.

“Whether you are a CEO, Salesperson, Business owner or an Individual in a social forum, SPEAK FOR SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL can motivate and furnish you with the everyday skills required to stand up and speak with confidence and enthusiasm” says Sean, who is thrilled his firm has received an “All-Stars” Business accreditation from the All Ireland Business Foundation.

The Foundation says that those who achieve the accreditation are among a select group of talented and inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, and “a treasure trove of brilliant business minds”

Sean said he had to work hard to achieve the “Business All-Stars” Accreditation, but that the effort was all worth it as it will give his company a lot more exposure both in Ireland and globally, working as he does with clients from all over the world.

“Having this new Accreditation means I can put the “All-Stars” logo on my website and with emails I send which is a powerful indication of the success I have achieved so far in Speak for Success International, standards which I aim to maintain and improve even further on in the years ahead” says Sean.

Among the areas in which Sean specialises include improving Interview Skills, Confidence Building and Presentation Skills.  Sean has been involved for many years with Toastmasters in Ireland and in 2020  was appointed Division Director of the Organisation covering the five counties of Tipperary, Limerick, Clare, Cork and Kerry.

He said the skills and confidence he got from being a member of Toastmasters over more than two decades, has transformed his life and gave him the drive to set up his current business back in 2009, an enterprise that has thrived over the subsequent years.

Now his work involves training CEOs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors and others on how to deliver powerful messages.

“This can be across a range of situations such as speaking to management, in a boardroom to colleagues, at events or in social settings”.

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