Interview Skills – Tips to Improve Performance

15 Aug by Speak For Success International

When attending for Interviews  –  find out as much as you can about the business/organisation that you are attending for the Interview.

Try to find someone who knows the company and personnel that already works for the company.

Check out the company through an internet search and make a note of things you feel the company are proud of.

You will then be able to converse with the Interviewer(s) about such issues.

There are (4) “MUSTS” that you adhere to when attending for Interviews.

1)      Be well groomed.  Dress at least “One Notch” above what the Interviewer(s) will be wearing.

2)      Shake hands with a firm handshake.

3)      Make proper Eye Contact with the Interviewer(s).

4)      Have a great smile “Flash the Choppers” =  teeth.


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