Overcoming Work Presentation Anxiety

12 Nov by Speak For Success International

The majority of people who contact me – tell me that they are very anxious, nervous and as a result, opt out of delivering Presentations in their workplace.  What a pity that is !

I tell them this is normal.  There are a number of ways to reduce this fear.  One important method of reducing this fear is to have a Great Structure.

The Structure


  • GRAB the audience attention
  • Identify the Benefits for the audience and advise them what Benefits they will get from your Presentation
  • PREVIEW  – Tell them EXACTLY what you are going to talk about


  • Identify 3 or 4 or 5 Main Points you wish to talk about. 
  • When you finish with Point 1 – move to Point 2, then to Point 3 etc.


  • Summarise briefly what you spoke about
  • Identify the Benefits (again)
  • GRAB the audience attention

For more information and tips on overcoming and reducing work place anxiety you can contact Sean Dwan.

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